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The GraciePress Newsletter - About Last Week’s Newsletter

The GraciePress Newsletter - About Last Week’s Newsletter
If you were worried that you didn’t receive last week’s email, it wasn’t anything with your email provider. We didn’t send one out last week. Things got a bit hectic for us and our writing was replaced with drawing in hopes that doing some drawing might help inspire our writing.

Our Latest GraciePress Merchandise!
And here is where our drawing and writing (and dancing) led us! We are loving our latest design for “Gracie’s Academy of Dance.” We had originally thought of using “Gracie’s Academy of Ballet,” but there are other kinds of dancing than ballet—just ask Pearl who dances her own unique way whenever she decides to “Dance whatever your heart dreams.”
The new design is available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Below is a closer look at the sweatshirt which I am ordering for myself. It should keep me nice and warm during our practice sessions.
Front Design showing “Gracie’s Academy of Dance” and “Student”
Front Design showing “Gracie’s Academy of Dance” and “Student”
Back Design
Back Design
And I am sure that Gracie and the others will be looking forward to the “Youth Tees” available in gray, black, pink, light blue, and white. We may need to do a few modifications so that their wings will fit into the arms properly.
Gracie’s Academy of Dance | Bonfire
Until Next Time (which should be tomorrow!)…
Tomorrow we will be sharing more chapters from our latest writing project!
Thanks so much for reading!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
Don’t forget that if you missed any chapters, they are all available on our main newsletter page. Please feel free to share our newsletter with friends and family who may enjoy it!
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