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The Gracie Press Newsletter - Third Year Anniversary Gifts For Our Subscribers!

The Gracie Press Newsletter - Third Year Anniversary Gifts For Our Subscribers!
It’s almost here! We will be celebrating three years of “Gracie” drawings and stories in August. At the time, they were simply a way to share the joy Gracie and her friends brought to my life.
Our first post was 121 words. I didn’t think people would want to read much more than that about ordinary chickens. Our next book, The Shoebox, is over 36,000 words. I guess I was wrong!
We would not be where we are without you, our readers. You have helped us to grow and improve in more ways than we can count. We truly appreciate you!
Beginning in August, we will be sending out “Thank You!” Third Anniversary gifts to all of our current subscribers.
If you received this edition of “The Gracie Press Newsletter,” then that means you! (If someone forwarded this to you or you subscribed after this issue was published, it’s too late. But we may have extras for a future giveaway gift for new subscribers!)

Our “Thank You!” Third Anniversary Gifts
Don’t be shy! These have already been ordered, professionally printed, and are waiting on our little office desk for personalization and final assembly! We have enough for everyone who is a newsletter subscriber, and a few extra in case there are “goofs.”
We will be sending out notecards with our very first ever “My Life With Grace” drawing. The back of the card identifies it as “official” and the interior is blank so we can write a personalized “Thank You” message. These will also be signed and numbered based on order of response.
Inside the notecard, we will be inserting a sheet of 2” round stickers with some of our latest “Gracie Press” drawings. These are already die-cut, so just peel and stick!
So What Do You Need To Do?
Just respond to this newsletter with your name and preferred mailing address. That’s it! And then the chickens and I will get busy!
Since many of you may have shared our books with others, you can also have this gift sent to someone else instead if you prefer.
We will let you know when your gift is mailed so you can watch for it or let the person you selected know so they can watch for it.
A Note About The Printing
The chickens and I were very pleased with the quality of printing done by StationaryHQ. The printing work is phenomenal, and the colors are true to the original artwork.
For the 5 ½ x 4 ¼ inch notecards, we selected a 110# White Felt paper which has a nice medium-heavy weight and texture that compliment our first drawing. You might even want to frame it!
The stickers are high quality as well. They have just the right weight and glossiness that stickers should have.
Until Next Time…
We really do appreciate our fans, and remember sometimes you may need to take a leap of faith, but Gracie is your friend, so hug a chicken, and be what only you can be…yourself!
We sure hope you will enjoy receiving your gift as much as we are enjoying putting it all together for you. This may even become an annual event with a different notecard and set of stickers each year!
Finally, we do hope you understand why we aren’t mailing out eggs to everyone…as nice as those would be!
Thanks so much for reading!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
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J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

The GraciePress Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The GraciePress imprint.

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