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The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Promise Of Seeds

The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Promise Of Seeds
Next week, our second book in the Once Through A Garden Gate series should be available! What a long journey this has been, but well-worth it for all we have learned.
Yes, BwÖwK! is a catchy little title. Yes, it is about adorable chickens growing up and having fun adventures. Yes, there is a full-page illustration for every chapter. Yes, you can learn some interesting words in the Chicken language that might come in handy one day. But why should anyone read this book?
Perhaps one of the best reasons to read this book is for none of those reasons. It is an opportunity to think about and make sense of the world.
As the back cover says…“Sometimes you must simply dance and take a leap of faith.”

This Book Is About Seeds
In the first book, Gracie received this wise advice from her friend, The Robin.
“Just like a seed, you already have everything you need within yourself to do what you are meant to do. Sometimes we songbirds simply sing to set it free. 
“Let the seed within you grow, and you will grow with it. Then you will learn The Promise Of Seeds.”
One of the seeds that was planted in Gracie’s heart (even before she hatched) was a gift for dancing. She hears music in her heart that no one else can hear (like the song of dandelion seeds being blown by the wind). When she dances to that music, others can hear it too in their hearts. This is a rare and special gift.
But soon after she hatched, another seed was planted in her heart.
“Are you sure you want that one? The one with the lopsided feathers?” asked the sales clerk. 
I looked more closely at the two baby chicks she was holding in her hands. I could see what she meant.
“If you ask me, there’s something wrong with that one,” she said. “It doesn’t look good enough to me. I’d never take it home and call it mine.”
Then the one she was talking about looked up into my eyes and simply said, “PeeP!”
I wondered if she realized the sales clerk was talking about her.
This was a different kind of seed, and it did affect her as she grew. She felt as if she was always not quite good enough except when she was dancing.
A heart is somewhat like a garden where many different seeds are planted. Some seeds are good. Others are not.
At the end of this second book, Gracie discovers The Promise Of Seeds, but that promise is not specifically written out or explained in the text. It is something the reader is encouraged to put into their own words because then it will have more meaning.
And Just So You Know…
There is an actual leap involved at the climax of the story, a ballet leap, a grande jeté. After all, Gracie and the other chicken do dance ballet! I don’t want to say much more than that because it might just give away the exciting conclusion, but I think you will enjoy it.
As many times as I’ve read it, I still find the last part suspenseful, and I always can’t wait to get to the next page to see what will happen—and I already know what happens!
And While Thinking About A Leap Of Faith…
It hadn’t occurred to me until now, but it might be “a leap of faith” to put a big picture of a rat on the cover of a book about adorable chickens who dance ballet.
While even an old sewer rat may have some good qualities—Are there really all that many children who are going to be adding “that book with the big goofy rat on the cover” to their Christmas list?! This is definitely a “leap of faith” on my part.
Just In Case You Missed Them…
Here are the two Dropbox links to the free samples for PeeP! and BwÖwK! You are welcome to forward and share this newsletter with others who might be interested in a free read!
Dropbox - PeeP! Sample For Our Fans.pdf
Dropbox - BwÖwK! Sample For Our Fans.pdf
Until Next Time…
A huge “Welcome!” to everyone who has recently signed up for our newsletter. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us, and we will do our best to make this a worthwhile newsletter for you. 
Thanks so much for reading!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
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J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

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