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The Gracie Press Newsletter - Illustration Art Video!

The Gracie Press Newsletter - Illustration Art Video!
Great news! Our hardback proof of The Shoebox arrived on Wednesday, and it looks really good! So that was the final print proof. No more changes! CluckŸ-BuckŸ!
Rather than a written story to share this week, we are sharing a video link at the very end of this newsletter. It features most of the final illustrations. I have been holding this video because I wanted to be sure no additional changes would be needed for the book’s illustrations. Maybe you can think of the video as a visual story rather than a print story for this week’s newsletter.
For something new, we are adding information and links for work by other indie writers near the end of each newsletter over the next few weeks. Maybe you will find a new author whose work you will enjoy! Be sure to check out the author links near the end of this newsletter.

Title Slide For Video
The video is completely in black-and-white because all of the illustrations are also. We didn’t want to give the impression that anything will be in color, so even the title slide is in black-and-white. (The book jacket does have color.) We really hope you will enjoy the video!
Cover Illustration Changes
The original cover on the left looks just fine as a digital image, but when printed, the feet and beaks of the baby chicks have an odd, olive-green color under certain lighting conditions. Because of that, tones of pale golden-buff and tan were used for the final revision.
Interior Illustration Changes
Changes In Background And Composition
Changes In Background And Composition
The flower pattern used for the background was darkened and increased in size. The lighter, smaller pattern did not work well in the print version, only when viewed online.
Silhouettes were added to some chapter illustrations to improve composition. These also help to connect the interior illustrations to the cover illustration which relies heavily on a silhouette.
Changes In Outlining
Changes In Outlining
In the first proof, not everything was given a black outline. This included the chicken’s home and the garden fencing. In the final proof, everything has a black outline with the exception of things which can’t be outlined such as the chicken wire. Additional wood grain texture was also added to the chicken’s home.
Until Next Time…
While waiting for the official publication date of September 30th, we thought it would be a good idea to share the work of some other indie authors who follow The Gracie Press Newsletter. Below are links to their author profiles on Amazon.
This week, we are featuring Cathy Cade and Lisa Howeler. Cathy Cade: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle Lisa Howeler: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
Thanks so much for reading—and watching!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
And Here It Is!
Illustration Art for “The Shoebox” on Vimeo
We are looking for a way to offer The Shoebox as a hardback book to our fans at less than the list price on other websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Watch for more details in upcoming newsletters!
For now, just enjoy the video!
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J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

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