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The Gracie Press Newsletter - Another Free Sample For Our Fans!

The Gracie Press Newsletter - Another Free Sample For Our Fans!
We have a very short newsletter this week. This was the last full week of our busy season at work. Next week, things should be much more back to normal—if all goes well. The time change has been a little challenging too. It is now dark when I get home, and so there’s no time for “Welcome Home!” treats and playtime. The chickens and I do enjoy our evening playtime!
For this week, we do have a sample of the second book in this series! It’s the entire first section of the book. Just so you know, we are still reviewing the e-proof and will be ordering the print proof this weekend so we can see how everything prints before releasing this for distribution. We are rushing to get this done, but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Some Things You Will Probably Notice
While the sample for PeeP! Was 24 pages, this week’s sample for BwÖwK! Is 36 pages. This is because the chapter length has increased, but not the reading level. That still remains in the third to fourth grade range.
Even though the chapters are longer, this is not through padding with unnecessary filler. We have done our best in editing to have exciting, intriguing, or just humorous things happening on every page.
And as far as humorous is concerned, for those of you who are Pearl fans, this book begins with Pearl being her own adorable self!
  • “BwÖwK!” — “Danger! Everyone on guard! Look out!” — This section has Bessie at her best as she lays her first egg and becomes a chef and an inventor. Everything changes when she protects everyone from a stray cat. Her heart is changed and she no longer acts like she once did. Gracie gives up her own dreams of dancing to become the new leader of the little flock.
  • “Ä(h)-Crü-auK!” — “What a marvelous and brilliant invention!” — This section focuses on the threat presented by The Sewer Rat who has become The Biggest Scary Thing for Gracie even though he can do no real harm to the chickens.
  • “ÏHÏ!” — “Best friends!” or “Two who love and care about each other!”— This section focuses on Gracie’s invention of The Sewer Rat Eradicator. It also gives readers much more information about The Raven With Blue Eyes who was introduced in PeeP! but never named. Gracie realizes that this is likely the only chance she will have to help Bessie’s heart to be restored.
  • “ClückŸ-BückŸ!” — “Everything is exactly as it should be!” — This section focuses on the dramatic climax where it is necessary to take a leap of faith which brings a suspenseful and happy ending. (We can’t say any more than that because we don’t want to spoil this for you!)
DropBox Book Sample Link
You do not need a Dropbox account to view this content. Just click the link below. Our fans should feel free to download and share with others!
Dropbox - BwÖwK! Sample For Our Fans.pdf - Simplify your life
“PeeP!” Is Now Available Through Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
BUT if I was you, I would wait until BwÖwK! is also available because these two books go together like Gracie and Bessie! Like Blanche and Pearl! Like Emily and Amelia! In other words, I would order both books at the same time because the shipping would be less! PeeP!: 9781736633854: Spiers, John, Spiers, John: Books
PeeP! by John Spiers, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
Until Next Time…
Even though this was a really short newsletter, thanks so much for reading!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
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J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

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