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The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Very Quiet Rollout…Shh!

The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Very Quiet Rollout…Shh!
This morning, we very quietly clicked the button to “Enable Distribution” for PeeP! Time for a celebratory pirouette—a very quiet celebratory pirouette(!)
Our latest book will slowly make its way out to distribution channels like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We will provide links on our main Gracie Press website to make it easier for you to find.

A Few Mysteries In Today’s Featured Illustration
As with every book, there will be a pair of Gracie’s Ballet slippers hidden in one of the drawings in PeeP! Do you see them in this week’s featured illustration? Really easy to find, right? But they may not so easy to find in the published book with its fifteen full-page, black-and-white illustrations. Oh, and there will also be one additional item to find somewhere in those drawings too! (Don’t worry. There will be a helpful clue in the “About This Book And Author” section at the back.)
But if you want to practice your finding skills, try this. How many chickens do you see in this week’s featured illustration? If you only see one, look again. There are actually two!
Here is a bit of a mystery for you to ponder. What is unexpectedly different about this garden gate? (There will be several garden gates throughout this series of stories. This gate appears on the back cover and with the poems at the beginning and end of each book. It is THE garden gate in the series title.)
You will read about another garden gate in the last section of PeeP! after Lefty and the others moved away. It contains clues about what is different about the gate in today’s featured illustration.
Each day, I would tell Gracie and Bessie, “This is your home. You will always be together.”
They would listen to me and stare at the empty stage we had set up in the open garden gate.
We had used quilts draped over the garden fence on each side of the gate to make the stage wings. “What a silly name. Wings are supposed to have feathers,” they would say and then giggle while hiding and waiting for their turns to dance on the smooth linoleum-covered plywood stage. Also hiding in the wings was The Record Player. We had fixed its arm so Lefty could select the songs to play, and he was careful to never scratch a single record.
With some red fabric on a curtain rod and a string of Christmas lights, the stage had seemed quite magical in the evenings for their shows. More than anything else, Lefty’s enthusiasm had helped make it that way. He loved to dance with Gracie. Without Lefty, it all looked like just an odd pile of junk in the backyard.
And There Are Mysteries And Secrets In This Book Series
Although there are mysteries and secrets in this book, I can’t quite call it a genuine mystery story. It doesn’t really fit easily into that genre for children or grownups.
Nevertheless, the reader will discover right along with the narrator many of these mysteries and secrets about chickens. There are also some things in the series of books that the readers will figure out before the narrator!
Some mysteries will continue on and be solved in the next book titled BwÖwK! But we have tried to make each book still satisfying on its own without too much of a cliffhanger at the end.
The Last “Last Minute” Edit
Releasing this book for distribution was held up until today by one slight addition. But it was an important addition. It appears in bold below as part of a quiet conversation with just Gracie.
“Dancing has been the only thing in my life that has ever made me feel as if I was more than good enough.”
“Gracie, it is not dancing so perfectly that makes someone more than good enough.”
“What is it, then?”
“It’s something you must discover for yourself, like how I must discover what A Most Wondrous Place means.”
“Can I tell you something else?”
“Of course, Gracie.”
“The Robin once told me that my life was for more than scratching and pecking and laying eggs. She said I was hatched to change the world. What does that mean?”
“You must discover that for yourself too. We all must. But it may have something to do with how you are the only one to hear nature’s music in your heart and then dance.”
Along with “You are so much more than good enough,” this book hopes readers will realize their lives are more than just their everyday routines. “You were hatched (or born) to change the world.” (Yes, my chickens still think that people hatch from really big eggs, and I’m okay with them thinking that.)
Until Next Time…
Thanks so much for reading!
John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia
We Will Add Links To Once “PeeP!” Shows In The Distribution Channels!
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J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

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