The GraciePress Newsletter

By J.R. Spiers (with help from Gracie)

The GraciePress Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The GraciePress imprint.

The GraciePress Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The GraciePress imprint.

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The GraciePress Newsletter - Emily’s Summer Drawing Camp

For those of you who are new or may not remember, it all started one day when I was tidying up the garaged and Emily asked about some chalk she found on my workbench. I explained that it was used for marking and drawing. “We chickens are very good at making m…


The GraciePress Newsletter - New Things Plus “PeeP!” - Chapter 10 - “The Living Library”

Gracie’s old friend, The Robin, came to visit early one morning. “I heard things are going very well for you now, Friend Chicken,” she said and did a slow, courtly bow. They both chuckled about how she was being so formal. “It is good to see you, Friend Robin…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” Chapter 9 “How Gracie Got Her Name”

When you can talk to one chicken, you can talk to any chicken who wants to talk to you, and evenings are the best time for talking. When everyone was up in the coop for the night, Gracie would usually start a conversation with me. Then the others would join u…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 8 - “A Simple Everyday Miracle”

As the weeks passed, Gracie was still slow to develop, and she worried about this. She saw Bessie having fun with the others and doing things that seemed so much more grown-up than the games the two of them had played. She didn’t like being the slowest to gro…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 7 - “The Garden Home”

There was considerable excitement when the fourteen chickens moved into their new outdoor home. “Bür-Ä-Bök!” was everyone’s opinion, and they shared it with me again and again as they explored every corner.They had their old familiar water bottle and dry food…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 6 “The Bigger Scary Thing”

Since they were big enough to play outside, there was no need to play in the sunroom. Gracie missed her time with just Bessie when they could dance across the floor. After what had happened their first day in the backyard, Gracie no longer danced except for a…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 5 - “The Worm Olympics”

When it was time to play outside, Gracie watched from a distance and wondered if she would ever be able to dance again without being called names. She had not acted in a way that would hurt anyone else. She had only been carried away by the beauty of spring, …


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 4 - “A World Full of Wonders”

Gracie was as happy as she thought she could ever be. “CheeP!” was her new favorite word. She had not been separated from her best friend Bessie when they left The Feed And Seed Store. She had as much water and food as she wanted in the gray brooder box even …


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 3 - “The Big Scary Thing”

A curious thing happened one early afternoon. It was the first time the baby chicks had a chance to play outside their brooder box on the sunroom floor. They needed to understand there was a much bigger world waiting for them once they were old enough to leav…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” - Chapter 2 - “The Gray Brooder Box”

Including Gracie and Bessie, there were fourteen chicks to raise in my sunroom. Eight were for friends. Six were for me. Those were some of the busiest, noisiest, but altogether happiest days of my life.Several kinds of chicks were in the big brooder box ther…


The GraciePress Newsletter - “PeeP!” Chapter 1 - “The Big Hand”

“Are you sure you want that one? The one with the lopsided feathers?” asked the sales clerk. I looked more closely at the two baby chicks she was holding in her hands. I could see what she meant.“If you ask me, there’s something wrong with that one,” she said…


The GraciePress Newsletter - And So We Begin Again!

While we enjoyed our time away from writing and illustrating and keeping up with the newsletter, we have missed you, loyal fans.We appreciate you more than we can say. You have helped to make the first two books in the series Once Through a Garden Gate a succ…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Happy Holiday Season!

Thanks so much for reading, supporting, and encouraging!Best wishes always,John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Doubly Exciting Great News!

Our fans are just the very best, and we could not have gotten here without you! You have given us encouragement each week and provided good feedback to help us be better and make it to the next higher brick. And because of you, we want to do the best we can f…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Promise Of Seeds

In the first book, Gracie received this wise advice from her friend, The Robin.“Just like a seed, you already have everything you need within yourself to do what you are meant to do. Sometimes we songbirds simply sing to set it free. “Let the seed within you …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Another Free Sample For Our Fans!

While the sample for PeeP! Was 24 pages, this week’s sample for BwÖwK! Is 36 pages. This is because the chapter length has increased, but not the reading level. That still remains in the third to fourth grade range.Even though the chapters are longer, this is…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Very Quiet Rollout…Shh!

As with every book, there will be a pair of Gracie’s Ballet slippers hidden in one of the drawings in PeeP! Do you see them in this week’s featured illustration? Really easy to find, right? But they may not so easy to find in the published book with its fifte…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Gifts Wrapped In Friendships

Gracie has three major friendships with other chickens in PeeP! Here is how Gracie described two of those friendships just before Lefty had to move out to the country.Somehow, Gracie knew Leftie would be leaving soon. Maybe Lefty had told her. Maybe she had g…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Sample For Our Fans!

This first part begins with a short chapter, but as you may notice, the chapters gradually become longer as the story gets going.To better connect the books in this series, each book will begin with an illustration page and six lines of poetry. This is to set…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Friday Double Feature!

Even though Amelia is very independent-minded, once in their new home, she could hardly wait for me to come outside and visit with them. As soon as the others discovered whether or not I had brought any treats for them, they moved on to other things. Amelia w…