The Gracie Press Newsletter

By John Spiers (with help from Gracie)

The Gracie Press Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The Gracie Press imprint.

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The Gracie Press Newsletter - Friday Double Feature!

This week, we are sharing two story excerpts rather than just one for a Friday Double Feature! They are rather short, and I’m finding that most of the shorter chapters have the most intense action and dialogue.You may notice that in the first story excerpt, A…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Amelia And More Important Things

This week’s story excerpt picks up where we left off. Lefty had given his advice about how to help Amelia by building a new home large enough to hold six chickens with plenty of wing-flapping room.The illustration this week is a recycled one from several year…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - BücK-a-bwawk-BôcK!

What would it be like to have the same story told in a series of thinner, smaller books along with its original bigger, thicker books?!?


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Once Through A Garden Gate

The Shoebox is the first book in the series titled Once Through A Garden Gate, and it will be available tomorrow, September 30th.This special issue of our newsletter is to tell you a little more before tomorrow’s release day, BUT it is not to convince you to …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Amelia Dreamed A Dream

This week’s featured drawing is of Amelia. Just so you know, I have not completely worked out how best to draw the patterned feathers for Emily and Amelia for our next book which features them. I started with Amelia because she will be a little easier.There s…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Illustration Art Video!

Great news! Our hardback proof of The Shoebox arrived on Wednesday, and it looks really good! So that was the final print proof. No more changes! CluckŸ-BuckŸ!Rather than a written story to share this week, we are sharing a video link at the very end of this …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - So What Does Amelia Truly Need?

This week’s story excerpt follows last week’s. The writing challenge for me was to plant clues without pointing them out. See what you think. There are two sequences of events happening at the same time, but I hope readers don’t get confused. (This is still v…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - On To The Next Book!

How should I start a new second book in a series? Well, we could think of no better way than to begin with baby chicks! That’s what you’ll read about in this week’s story.There are just a few “catch-up” hints of what happened in the first book to help bridge …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Time For Vacation!

I think this week’s illustration says it all! We grabbed our inflatable pool toys and put on our flip-flops and have been on a little vacation since the last issue of our newsletter. (No, we do not have a pool, but that doesn’t keep us from having pool toys i…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Few Things You Won’t Find In Our Next Book

Well, the files have all been sent off, and we are eagerly waiting for a printed proof copy. The main concern we have is with how the interior illustrations will look. Some illustrations have dark values and in some instances, details can be lost, and we don…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Raven With Blue Eyes

This week we are taking a look at how one reader from Germany made a major difference in our stories.Originally I had established crows as likely “bad guy” characters. They were jealous of the chickens because chickens are given corn where the crows had to st…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Touch Of Non-Fiction?

We will soon be sending off our files for a proof copy of The Shoebox.In the meantime, we thought we would share some special pages with you that we have been working on in our spare time. If they make it into the book, they will be placed at the end, with a …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Third Year Anniversary Gifts For Our Subscribers!

It’s almost here! We will be celebrating three years of “Gracie” drawings and stories in August. At the time, they were simply a way to share the joy Gracie and her friends brought to my life.Our first post was 121 words. I didn’t think people would want to r…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Editing Hurts!

It is true. It’s one of the most difficult parts of writing. You have to take out words, paragraphs, and even whole chapters. (Gulp!) If it is not moving the story forward, it has to go.Our story excerpt this week is a chapter that was cut. But just as you wi…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Worm Olympics (With Full-Page Chapter Illustration!)

We really appreciate the feedback you provided about how to format the illustrations! Full-page chapter illustrations wins! But the real winners will be our readers. With that in mind, our story excerpt this week is about one of the games my chickens play, an…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Possibilities For Illustrations And Design

Our weekly newsletter usually includes a story excerpt. This week, we are doing something completely different, and we hope you like it. This is a way to preview our next book as a visual story, and maybe you will learn to speak a little Chicken as well!


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Celebration Gifts

We are so grateful to everyone who shared their thoughts from last week’s newsletter. My chickens and I truly appreciate you!You gave me a great deal to think about, and changes were made because of your important feedback. It was interesting to see almost ev…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - So Seriously…What Do You Think?

Currently I’m working on editing, and that always takes a great deal of time. With this project currently at over 32,000 words and 200 pages, it’s a real job, but it’s one I enjoy because it helps to shape the final version which I hope to have published by A…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Simple Everyday Miracle

From time to time, I have wondered how these stories about Gracie and the others should be classified.If you have read the “disclaimer” section from the copyright page of any of our books, you know what I mean. I think these books should be non-fiction even t…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Two Surprises And A Story

The first surprise? This week we saw the first firefly in our backyard garden! It reminded me of one of my favorite illustrations and chapters from How To Explain Christmas To Chickens.The second surprise? This week we saw Amazon has a special offer on How To…