The Gracie Press Newsletter

By John Spiers (with help from Gracie)

The Gracie Press Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The Gracie Press imprint.

The Gracie Press Newsletter brings you the latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts from Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia. They are the inspiration behind all of the books published under The Gracie Press imprint.

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The Gracie Press Newsletter - Merry Christmas!

This link below will let you down load and send to anyone you’d like. Remember, “PeeP!” means “I am happy!” or “I am feeling as good as a chicken can feel!” That’s our wish for you this holiday season!


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Happy Holiday Season!

Thanks so much for reading, supporting, and encouraging!Best wishes always,John, Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Emily, and Amelia


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Doubly Exciting Great News!

Our fans are just the very best, and we could not have gotten here without you! You have given us encouragement each week and provided good feedback to help us be better and make it to the next higher brick. And because of you, we want to do the best we can f…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Promise Of Seeds

In the first book, Gracie received this wise advice from her friend, The Robin.“Just like a seed, you already have everything you need within yourself to do what you are meant to do. Sometimes we songbirds simply sing to set it free. “Let the seed within you …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Another Free Sample For Our Fans!

While the sample for PeeP! Was 24 pages, this week’s sample for BwÖwK! Is 36 pages. This is because the chapter length has increased, but not the reading level. That still remains in the third to fourth grade range.Even though the chapters are longer, this is…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Very Quiet Rollout…Shh!

As with every book, there will be a pair of Gracie’s Ballet slippers hidden in one of the drawings in PeeP! Do you see them in this week’s featured illustration? Really easy to find, right? But they may not so easy to find in the published book with its fifte…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Gifts Wrapped In Friendships

Gracie has three major friendships with other chickens in PeeP! Here is how Gracie described two of those friendships just before Lefty had to move out to the country.Somehow, Gracie knew Leftie would be leaving soon. Maybe Lefty had told her. Maybe she had g…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Sample For Our Fans!

This first part begins with a short chapter, but as you may notice, the chapters gradually become longer as the story gets going.To better connect the books in this series, each book will begin with an illustration page and six lines of poetry. This is to set…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Friday Double Feature!

Even though Amelia is very independent-minded, once in their new home, she could hardly wait for me to come outside and visit with them. As soon as the others discovered whether or not I had brought any treats for them, they moved on to other things. Amelia w…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Amelia And More Important Things

For weeks, I planned and built a new home for six chickens based on what Lefty had told me. It would have plenty of wing-flapping room for them and lots of walking-around room for me. At every chance, I would tell them, “You have no idea how wonderful your ne…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - BücK-a-bwawk-BôcK!

So what if we very quietly released an additional separate series titled “BücK-a-bwawk-BôcK!” with color covers…just to see how it goes? The interior story will be exactly the same, word-for-word, just split in half. The books will have more colorful covers a…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Once Through A Garden Gate

The interior files for The Shoebox were too large to upload to either Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or Barnes & Noble Press. Full-page illustrations made the files really huge, but we really like having full page illustrations with every chapter. The …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Amelia Dreamed A Dream

“Watch this,” said Lefty as we headed from our private conversation spot by the barn towards his coop.He stopped and pointed with his beak towards the big backyard where the lawn met the tall dried grasses and the tall dried grasses met a small forest. I coul…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Illustration Art Video!

The video is completely in black-and-white because all of the illustrations are also. We didn’t want to give the impression that anything will be in color, so even the title slide is in black-and-white. (The book jacket does have color.) We really hope you wi…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - So What Does Amelia Truly Need?

I told Lefty how it all began when a friend had asked, “Will you take Amelia?” The only explanation had been, “She needs you.”My friend lives in a very rural part of a city next to ours but still needed five and a half acres of land to have any chickens. Amel…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - On To The Next Book!

“Come back and visit your Best Little Buddy whenever you need help.” That was what Lefty had told me when I last saw him.I had almost laughed at the idea of ever going to a chicken for help, even a fine rooster like Lefty, but I was glad I hadn’t laughed. As …


The Gracie Press Newsletter - Time For Vacation!

Thank you so much for your kindness towards all of us here at The Gracie Press Newsletter. The first few months of this newsletter have been more successful than we could have ever imagined!We have included a Dropbox link below that you can use to download to…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Few Things You Won’t Find In Our Next Book

You won’t find any clues about the identity of the book’s narrator. Any words that might tell the age, gender, race, nationality, or other characteristics of the narrator aren’t there any more. If you are accustomed to reading stories about “an old man and hi…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - The Raven With Blue Eyes

Rather than being enemies of Gracie and the other chickens, ravens and crows are portrayed as friends who provide help along with cryptic insights. The Raven With Blue Eyes is a key supporting character. This is from the section of The Shoebox titled “ÏHÏ!” w…


The Gracie Press Newsletter - A Touch Of Non-Fiction?

Over time, my ears learned to pick out Gracie’s peeping because when she peeped, the sound always made my heart happy. Whatever “Peep!” meant to a chicken, Gracie always said it with more joy and gratitude than any of the others.Even with knowing Gracie’s voi…